If you like working out in the gym, then you might have noticed how good their floor is. It’s shiny, smooth, sleek and all, but it’s not slippery. It’s perfect with your sneakers and all the stuff that you do in a gym. There’s only one explanation for that and it’s called epoxy concrete floor coatings.

Gym owners have long dropped any other flooring options and switched to epoxy floors. Some even prefer the metallic epoxy type. What they love about this type of flooring is that they can choose from different colors that would match the look of the gym.
How to Apply Epoxy Floor Coating

To transform your floors into epoxy floors, it’s necessary that whatever coating was used on the concrete is removed. If you’re adding epoxy floors to your house instead of a gym, it may mean that you’ll have to remove the carpets and tiles first, then the adhesives and patching second.

Prepping the concrete is usually the most difficult task but not at all impossible. If your home is newly constructed and the concrete is freshly laid out, then it’s going to be a lot easier for you to add epoxy floor coating to it. Depending on the condition of the concrete, it may take you days and specialized equipment like grinders to get stuff done.

Proper Application is Everything

If you want to come up with really great epoxy floors, then you shouldn’t cut corners or take shortcuts. Once you do, failure is imminent. Also included in the proper application of epoxy floors is the gear used by the contractors when prepping and applying the paint. The use of aspirators is necessary because the grinder causes dust, dirt, and small chips of concrete to fly about it.

Removing the old covering, adhesive, and patching of the concrete floor is oftentimes not enough. That’s actually just the start. The next thing to do is to add a thin layer of concrete there so the surface will be fat and smooth. All cracks and holes in the concrete have to be addressed as well. The floor has to be perfect before you add an epoxy coating to it.

Hire the Best Contractors

The moment the floor is ready, ventilation should be cut off for at least 24 hours. To ensure that there won’t be daft either, tape all spaces around the windows and doors. If the floor to be treated is in a high traffic area, find a way for people not to step on it. These are the other things that you have to do to make sure that you’re going to end up with a great epoxy floor.

To be so sure about that, it is highly recommended that you hire experienced contractors for the job. Applying epoxy floor coating is a rather complicated job for a do-it-yourself guy or a handyman. Hire the right contractors and you’ll definitely get the best results. Look for experts in applying epoxy flooring in your area today.